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Connecting to Zip files in Gallery

I'm trying to build some test applications in the gallery that would read multiple text files as inputs.  On my desktop I just use the * wildcard to read all the files in a folder.  Since the gallery doesn't support multi-file input, I thought I'd try zipping all the text files so I can upload them as one packaged file.

Based on Chad's post earlier I understood this would be possible, however I keep receiving the "Requested File format not supported" error.  Do i need to configure something differently in my module before publishing to the gallery?

This would be a critical feature for making the gallery practical, since many ETL projects require inputting multiple files.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I encountered the exact same issues when trying to upload a .zip file and I agree that this would be a vital feature for the Gallery.

I am also currently working through this issue with Version 11.

I was expecting to have the ability to use the new zip file feature in version 11 in the Gallery, but it does not work at all. In Designer, it works great, but once you publish it to the gallery it stops working... To me, this is a major disappointment that the Gallery does not support features that are built in the designer.  Not being able to use the zip file feature in the gallery forces me to find other options, so I hope this gets resolved as soon as possible.


Same issue here, input zip file doesn't work with Server Gallery.




Hey @danielkresina -


It looks like that link you posted is broken - can you make sure the link is correct? Would love to dig into this, but cant seem to find the post you're referencing...