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Connecting to OneDrive

5 - Atom

I have Onedrive input set up and I can connect to it in designer mode, but when I attempt to run the workflow on the server I get an error message "Failed to decrypt value for od_AuthToken!".


I have searched google and the Alteryx community for this error but I have not been able to find anything.


I'm not sure if it matters but I have my OneDrive Account type set to personal,  since I have not been able to get the business settings to work yet.


Please help.

7 - Meteor

I have the same issue, did you manage to make it work?


Hello @mrhobler and @veruzi . Thank you for posting to our community! I'm sorry you are running these issues.


This would be best addressed by contacting Alteryx Support, we should be able to help with this issue. Please reference that you would like to discuss and test the work-arounds available for Python encryption issues for OneDrive.


Thank you for your flexibility and continued support!


Sabrina Blanck
Sr. Customer Support Engineer – Connectors SME
Alteryx, Inc.