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Common Gallery URL in high availability Environment

8 - Asteroid

Hello All,


We are planning to create high availability environment and we are confused with common Gallery URL .


Let us say, we have MachineA and Machine B, when the MachineA is active the URL is http://MachineA/gallery/#! and when the MachineB is active the URL becomes http://MachineB/gallery/#!.


Our requirement is to have common URL for the end users and they should not see any changes when the server switches due to non-availability.


say http://ApplicationName/gallery/#!


Note: Currently we made Machine A and B as controllers. in future, we are planning to add more.


Please let me know if some one has resolved this case.









13 - Pulsar

Hi @vepp 


You'd have to create an alias URL (e.g. where the two IP addresses can be bound to in your organizations DNS server. You'd need to make sure that while the primary machine is running normally that the failover machine is not active to ensure traffic doesn't get routed to it as two active controllers trying to communicate with persistence at the same time can have a very negative outcome.

Teknion Data Solutions

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hi @vepp 

I guess you can work with your local IT team and get ur alteryx server a designated DNS something like



and use that as a base URL in the Alteryx server settings in all the nodes

You can also install a certificate, perform SSL binding to get a secure URL like :  https://ApplicationName/gallery/#!





8 - Asteroid

Thanks @Tyrion_Lannister  @jrgo . Will try out  the options. Have a nice day!