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Cannot Find Workflow

7 - Meteor

I just got Alteryx Gallery up and running on an EC2 machine however when I attempted to upload a workflow, I was not able to find it in my Private Studio or my company gallery after I navigated away from the initial page. I know it's there somewhere... I found the record of the workflow in the AlteryxGallery mongodb database and am able to view it on the Workflow Results page. Upon navigating to the workflow from the Workflow Results page, it lists it as being in my private studio AND shared in my company gallery. I've attached screenshots in sequence to better detail my issue. Am I missing something easy here?






Hello @phetzel1,


We typically haven't seen this issue on a brand new Alteryx Server install. Do you know if your EC2's machine name has changed since your original installation and Alteryx Service start, or if you migrated a previous database? If it has, you may be seeing errors like "Failed to obtain IndexWriter lock" over and over again in your Gallery logs, and the search indexes won't be processed properly which will cause new workflows not to show up in results, or deleted workflows to still appear.


In this situation, the commandQueueItems collection in the AlteryxGallery database will also begin to fill up with any changes that should be applied to the index and won't be processed. Normally this collection stays empty unless there are brand new entries.


If all of the above is the case, you can check the locks collection in the AlteryxGallery database. There will be either one or two entries with the name of the machine that locked the database. If these don't match the current machine's name, the machine will fail to lock the index table and won't perform updates to the search index. If none of the above is the case, I'd recommend reaching out to us directly to help you determine what's occurring.


Of course, before performing any manual action, you should back up your database! More on that here:




If you're not comfortable manually modifying your MongoDB, I'd recommend reaching out to our support team so we can assist you with the following:


Once you have everything backed up, you can remove both entries from the locks collection. The Gallery should automatically obtain new locks on its own, and then you should see the commandQueueItems collection start to clear out. If this doesn't resolve the issue within a few minutes (the commandQueueItems should empty), or the issue persists, please reach out to us for additional help!



Mike Spoula
Principal Support Engineer
7 - Meteor

What you described looks to be accurate... the machine names do not match between the locks collection and the EC2. Do you know of any readily available documentation about editing the underlying database? If not I'll reach out to support tomorrow. Thanks for your help on this, I never would have figured it out!



7 - Meteor

Nevermind, I figured it out. If anyone stumbles upon this in the future:


  1. Stopped, backed up, and started the Alteryx service using the link that @MikeSp mentioned above
  2. Used the Mongodb Compass client, community edition (link to client) and installed it on the server
  3. Opened the Alteryx System settings, Controller> Persistence section to determine the hostname, port, user, and password
  4. The database name is AlteryxGallery
  5. Collection name is locks
  6. Deleted the incorrect documents from the locks collection
  7. This generated a new locks document and cleared out the queued items

Disclaimer that this worked for me and that you should reach out to Alteryx's stellar support team if you are not comfortable with editing the database!