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Auto Redirect URL in browser for Gallery

6 - Meteoroid

Hello - We had our Alteryx server (Single Node with Full Install) running on built In Authentication. With Built In Authentication, our Gallery Base Address was  We were informed to enable SAML authentication as per the firm requirement which we did successfully however post changing the gallery authentication from Built In to SAML , we had to change the base address to  (This needs to be this way as per Alteryx Support engineer)


The challenge is, there are users who still use the old URL  to login to the gallery and gets a 404 error message which is expected.



Can we auto redirect any user browser request who tries to access the old URL , it should redirect to the new URL  


Any suggestions would be of great help. 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @ssidhpura05 ,


We don't have anything native in Alteryx that could help you with this task. But you could look into some options here:


Best regards,

Fernando Vizcaino

5 - Atom

Hi Fernando -- where can we put a default page in the root path to redirect to /gallery ?  And does the default page need to have a specific file name?


Thank you,


6 - Meteoroid

Go to your virtual host configuration file for your old URL add a Redirect directive to specify the redirection.


Redirect 301 /


This directive tells Apache to redirect a permanent (301) redirect from the old URL to the new URL.

Save the configuration file and restart the Service..

Manually test, Use browser developer tools to inspect network requests and redirects or use any online tool like  This can help you to get detail redirection report might help pinpoint the issue.let me know still you have issue.