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Alteryx Server with Multiple Domains

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Hi All,


I am currently trying to get an Alteryx Server installed and configured using Windows Authentication, but the server that I am installing it on is not in the domain that all the users are set up in. It is instead in a development domain that is used for all the development servers but none of the users. I am told that there has been established two way trust between these domains, but when I go into the Gallery and try to adjust User permissions or anything it seems like it only can find users on the Dev domain on which the server is installed. Also, the admin account that I set up in the Alteryx System Settings under Gallery>General>Default Gallery Administrator (which is in the non-Dev all users domain) does show up and I can log in with the account, but it does not seem to have admin rights when I am signed in on the Gallery. It only shows the Premium Artisan role.  


Is there support for multiple domains in Alteryx Server? 


If so, what all needs to be configured on the Alteryx side, on the Windows side?


Does the administrator account have to be on the same domain as the server?






6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx Support responded with the following:



Thank you for reaching out to us. Alteryx Server 10.5 and higher does support multiple domains for windows authentication. There isn’t any special configuration needed within Alteryx to enable this, but we assume some capabilities/permissions are present across the domains in question. First we expect a bi directional full trust relationship between the domains. Second the Alteryx service needs to be able to read all attributes from CN=Users and CN=Computers containers for both domains. By default the Alteryx service runs under the Local System account on the server it is installed on. If a dedicated service account is defined instead of using Local System that account will need permissions to read all attributes from both of these containers in order for authentication to work for both domains. Your AD admin should be able to impersonate the computer (local system) and/or the service account to determine if these permissions are working properly. You can also check them yourself using ADInsight ( to connect to both domains. If the above are configured properly you should be able to set the default administrator to any account on either domain without issue.



I will test this out and let everyone know if it works.

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This worked great! We had to make sure the service account we had set up was in fact running the services, but once we made sure of that and the permissions described above everything worked well.


Thanks so much to Alteryx Support!

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Hi, Will Alteryx be able to support Multi domains in the Azure environment. Does Alteryx support ADFS or only in ON-PREM servers what you said is applicable?




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I believe that multiple domains are supported if they belong to the same forest, but this idea thread leads me to believe that multiple forests are not supported; also evidenced by my inability in Gallery to find users outside the server's primary forest.