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Alteryx Server usage report: Tableau cannot open Tableau Data Extract created by Alteryx



I download the workflow that makes a report of the Alteryx server usage, the output of this workflow can be a PDF or a Tableau report. Choosing the Tableau option, I got two main files: tableau workbook and tableau data extract (tde).


I can open the tableau workbook using Tableau Desktop, but it is crashing because it is not able to open the datasource (which is the tde). Then I decide to open directly the tde, but it crashes againg. 


alteryx version: 2019.1

Tableau version: 2019.1


Then, does anybody suceed opening the Alteryx Server usage with Tableau? If so, what am I missing?


Thanks a lot,


Make sure you downloaded the version of the Alteryx Server Usage Report that matches your server. I made that mistake earlier today.

Maybe Tableau doesn't have the right permissions on the output folder ... try moving the file to another location?