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Alteryx Server Monitoring

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Hi all,


I would like to find out what options are available to monitor the status of an Alteryx server?


Thank you

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Have you tried running the Alteryx Server Usage Report?



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Hi Nick,


Thank you for replying.


The report you suggested seems to focus on usage (correct me if I am wrong) but I was looking for something around server status/performance (i.e. server up/down time, errors)



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We've tapped into the MongoDB that hosts all of the scheduled workflows which you can then start to look at if the server is still running workflows etc. You can also take a look at the API documentation that comes with the server to get status' of workflows as well as there is a JSON page that gives server status as well. You can find it by clicking "Looking for more?" at the bottom of the gallery and then API documentation


Hope this helps some!



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I'd recommend for your monitoring needs. They are may be the most customizable monitoring service out there and can monitor pretty much everything that is connected to the Internet.

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Hi Henry, 

I know its been a while since you posted this, but I'm also looking to identify when my server is down and customize a notification. I checked the Gallery and API Doc and could not find anything that said "looking for more?". The JSON page you were referring to probably is located somewhere else now. I was hoping you might know where. thanks. 

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Hi SamEC,


The docs have moved under the little question mark bubble in the upper right hand corner and then clicking API Documentation



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Hi Everyone,


Is there any solution for monitor the alteryx server status ( email alerts and automation for start and stop).



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Did you found some solution for this?

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Depending on exactly what you want to monitor there are a large number of solutions available.

In general what you do not want to do is to use an application to monitor the availability of itself.

If you want to monitor how many jobs are running/queued/have run etc. then there are options in the api and/or direct querying of the MongoDB.

If you want to monitor if the Gallery/Engine server is up or down then you should really be doing this from a third party host/application. The most basic of those would be to run a scheduled PowerShell job on another server to check the status of the Alteryservice service.