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Alteryx Server Error Monitoring

7 - Meteor

I'm looking to create a custom workflow to monitor scheduled jobs on the server that cause and Error. This is outside of using the events email notifications. In the Alteryx Service MongoDB and I can't locate how workflow errors are captured in the database. The closest I can find, the AS_Queue collection has a Status column, but even if a workflow ends in an error, this column is stating, "Complete." 


Two questions:

1) Does anyone know how to identify workflow errors in MongoDB 

2) Would it make sense to propose having the Status column in AS_Queue say something other than "Complete," in the event of a failure.




1) The workflow status data is stored in the Service data blob within the AS_Queue collection. We provide a pre-canned Server Usage Report workflow which you can download from under Alteryx Server. When you look at the embedded macro, this queries the AS_Queue collection to extract Job IDs and then uses these to parse the service data to get the workflow run status - AlteryxResultCode. 






2) I agree that it would make sense to have the status available directly in Mongo. It might be worth submitting it as a Product Idea via our suggestion board.



7 - Meteor

This is perfect, thank you!

5 - Atom


Could you please upload workflow to test on Alteryx Server.