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Alteryx Gallery Theme - cannot override active navigation indicator in 2019.3 update

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Hi Community,

I recently updated my server from 2019.2 to v2019.3. I previously configured my organisation's color theme on the Gallery. The custom theme still applies after the update, but I cannot override the color for the active navigation indicator even though this is set in the theme options.

I worked around this by modifying the 'production.css' file on the server, but I imagine the theme override option should work. Resetting the theme to defaults, changing only this color, clearing browser cache or swapping browsers made no difference.

Is this a bug?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@mcas Thank you for the feedback and the information on your work around regarding this issue. Please note that this is a known issue due to the theme and UI changes that were implemented with the 2019.3 release. We are aware of a number of issues surrounding the current theme settings due to these changes, and will be correcting them in an upcoming release.