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Alteryx Gallery Database Connections

8 - Asteroid

Looking for suggestions for using In-DB connection and publishing workflow to the server.


Here are my assumptions for proper setup.

1. Database Connection needs to be setup on the Alteryx Server Gallery

2. On my desktop when using IN-DB connection how do i point to the correct connection?


I have used the Input Data before and pointing it to the Saved Gallery Connections and it was worked as expected.

I am just a fuzzy on the In-DB connection from the desktop configuration stand point.


Thank you in advanced.

11 - Bolide

Leveraging IN-DB connections is a two-step process:


1) you need to create a local, user-type IN-DB connection to build your workflows with in Designer.

2) you need to create a local, system-type IN-DB connection on the Alteryx Server.  It must have the same name as your user-type connection.


When your workflow runs on the Alteryx Server, it will look for connections local connections by connection name.  If it finds one, then your workflow will execute properly.  If there is a slight difference between the names, it will fail.


It's also important to make sure your connection strings are identical to avoid any issues that could present.


Note: system-type connections are only available for creation if you run Designer as an Administrator.

6 - Meteoroid

May I ask how to create a local, system-type IN-DB connection on the Alteryx Server?

Also, I am using my company laptop which has an admin control , does that mean I cannot run Designer as an Administrator?  

5 - Atom

Hi Please advise if we still not able to connect in-db tools to gallery data connection


Hi @zheny0010 @zamazz1984 


I would recommend creating IN-DB File connections and storing them in a network location and allowing the users/server access to the file connection in order to use IN-DB tools within a Server environment. Please see this link for a guide.



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