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Join Tables with Fuzzy Matching

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I have two databases that house similar information that I'm attempting to join/merge together.  The main join takes place between Company Name, and there is not always consistency with the company names, even within the same database.  I'm attempting to create a common Company Name between the two databases so that I can use Company Name (along with a few other fields) to join the two sources.  Here is an example:


Database 1

Company NameEvent DateNotesContact
XYZ Retirement Communities1/1/2019 Jane Doe
XYZ - Retirement Communities7/1/2019At Location YJane Doe
XYZ Retirement Communities12/1/2019 Jim Smith
123 LLC1/1/2020  



Database 2


Company NameEvent Date
XYZ Retirement Communities1/1/2019
XYZ Retirement Community7/1/2019
123 LLC2/1/2020


Current Efforts

My original efforts were to join the tables together, then remove all duplicate names, leaving me with just a list of unique Company Names, and then use a fuzzy match.  What this left me was the following:


Company NameMatch Name
XYZ Retirement CommunitiesXYZ Retirement Community
XYZ - Retirement CommunitiesXYZ Retirement Communities
XYZ Retirement CommunityXYZ Retirement Communities
123 LLC123 LLC


What I'm seeing with my results is that I end up with multiple matches that don't always tie together.  In this case, my hope was that this match would result in the same Match Name for all 3 original Company Names, but instead I'm showing more than 1 Match Name.



Looking at Company Name, there are three separate versions of XYZ Retirement Communities.  All of these separate versions are the same company, and there should be a common name both to join the tables, and to ensure that within the individual tables, we have the same Company Name.  My thoughts were to create a new field for each table called "Common Company Name" that would be used to then join the databases.  M

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Hi @davidlittle ,

I tried a workflow based your query. Let me know if this works.





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