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Data Comparison on single source

5 - Atom

Hi Alteryx Community ,

Hope all are doing good and safe.

I'm New to alteryx & to the community too. Here's my first question.


I have a single source of data where I need to compare today's data with yesterday and find the cases which are in yesterday and not in today's. ( It seems simple when I connect the same source twice and write one flow with today's date and other with today -1 and join and find missing).


But the request is to do the comparison from start of time in the data source say 1st Jan 2020 till date. Compare everyday data with prev day and finding the missing ID and have it stored to new output .

(like 2nd jan vs 1st jan , 3rd vs 2nd jan, 4th vs 3rd jan......... goes on. But have to exclude sunday and saturday. For monday data the comparison needs to happen with Friday data).


Attached sample excel data.  Thanks in advance

15 - Aurora

Hi @Nirmalkumar, welcome to the Community!


The 1st step is to convert [Date] to a valid Alteryx date format. You can then create a new field called [Previous day] with an if statement that subtracts 3 days if it's a Monday and 1 day otherwise. You can add conditions for Sundays and Saturdays here if you wish.


Now that you have the previous weekday, you can join you data using date and previous day. You can also add other join conditions here such as ID, etc.





Hope this helps.


Happy Alteryxing!





15 - Aurora

Hi @Nirmalkumar 


In the workflow below, I've updated the join tool configuration and highlighted what is shown at the Left and Right Output.


From you message, the records you were looking for are in the right output. I wasn't quite clear on what you want to happen to these records.




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Hi  @DavidP


Yes I have validated the data now and understood it clearly. This is what I expected .

Thank you so much for your help.My first interaction with the community is more positive . Hoping to learn more in coming days. 


Thanks again David