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Upload blob

6 - Meteoroid



I'm trying to upload a csv file via the download tool. I've got my data all good to go and in a blob, but when it comes to uploading it, it keeps failing. 


I can upload it fine using a file on my desktop and Postman, here's the code for what works there:



code pic.png


I'd really prefer to find a solution that doesn't involved saving a file anywhere and just keeping the data in the workflow as there is sensitive data involved.


Here's how my download tool is set up:



When I run this, it looks like it uploaded ok, but when I check the status, it says it's failed. 


Thanks in advance!

12 - Quasar

hey @macinjosh1 

Ahh my mistake, I thought you were simply bringing in that file as a blob and using it as part of the request. Did you happen to try the request as a PUT request in the download tool, as you had it configured before? 

An additional option may be to output the file to a temporary directory, and then point to that file in the curl request that occurs after the file is saved.


6 - Meteoroid



Changing the blob name had no effect. Changing to a PUT ended up in a 404 error. 


I was trying to stay away from a temp location, but coming to realize I might have to. How would I set that up in the run command?




16 - Nebula

@macinjosh1Did you ever get this to work? Also I'm an idiot when it comes to these kind of things - but you have content-type configured to text. Don't you need to change this if you are trying to upload a blob? like content-type=application/octet-stream or whatever the api needs?

6 - Meteoroid

No I didn't. I ended up saving it on a secured NAS drive, and running CURL to upload it. 


I've since become more savvy at uploading json formats into Qualtrics, so I might swing back and revisit this at a later time, but it works for now. 

16 - Nebula

Thanks for the update - if you do circle back please let me know. I think I have some potential blob/api POCs coming up - so if I get it to work I'll let you know too... I do find that spelling out the content-type for the download tool is totally key (like Json or whatever). Post tends to more dynamically set content.