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Updating directory with Folder Browse



Hi! I'm unable to get this to work as the directory path does not get updated to the one i select in Folder Browse. What should i do?

Alteryx Certified Partner

@joeyikeeli ,

My guess is that the action tool is not configured properly.  I'd show us a screenshot of that or create a small workflow with these three tools and send.


thanks for the response! here is the workflow 

Alteryx Certified Partner


You actually have a couple of ways for this to be done:

1 - I would just use the default action type ->Update directory with Folder Browse (default).  That way you don't have to even configure anything.  this is the best way to configure the action

2 - if you want to just fix what you have... you need to remove the quotation marks around the [#2]


Best practice to debug and see what is going on with your app?

  • Go to View->Interface Designer
  • Click on Test View (icon is under the wrench and looks like a magic wand)
  • enter a directory
  • click on Open Debug button
  • A copy of the workflow will open called Debug Workflow# (# being some number)
  • Look at the directory tool and you can see there how your app changed the value (or if it did and how it did)