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Update Raw XML with Formula - Find Replace

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I am working on a proof of concept to update the configuration of tools using the Update RAW XML with Formula action type from within the action tool and running into problems with using the replace function to locate the existing XML and replace it with my desired XML.


I have created a batch macro with 2 control parameters (Find and Replace). Those control parameters feed into a single Action tool that is using the Update Raw XML with Formula action type, and attempting to update the inner XML for the Input Data tool.






This works when I Find/Replace a single value like the file name


Or a single unquoted attribute like Field Length



However when I try to find a longer string that that includes both the tag and an attribute within the tag, like in this example where I am changing both the record limit and the input file name (note the string was copied directly from the macro's XML opened in Notepad ++)


Alteryx appears not to find the string and so the configuration for the input in the macro is not modified. This feels like an issue with the syntax that is being searched for but I have no idea how to determine what the correct syntax should be. Anyone run into this before or have suggestions on how to find and replace large


So with the underlying XML as seen in notepad ++ as:

<File RecordLimit="" SearchSubDirs="False" FileFormat="0" OutputFileName="FileName">D:\Alteryx\Projects\Config Manager\Sample.csv</File>


When I find/replace looking for RecordLimit="" it works

But when I look for File RecordLimit="" it does not work


To get even more specific it works with a single space before record limit ' RecordLimit=""'

But does not work with the "e" from "File" and the space e RecordLimit=""


So I am guessing that maybe there is another character that needs to go around the attribute names found inside of an XML tag (forgive me if I am not using correct nomenclature as I am not an XML person) any suggestions?








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14 - Magnetar

@bkclaw113 One thing I'm not sure about is when inputting multiple lines of xml. 

For instance, replacing:

<File RecordLimit="" SearchSubDirs="False" FileFormat="0" OutputFileName="">\\Mac\Home\Documents\Data\Sales\Austria.csv</File>


<File RecordLimit="15" SearchSubDirs="False" FileFormat="0" OutputFileName="FileName">\\Mac\Home\Documents\Data\Sales\France.csv</File>

works fine, but trying:


and replacing with


isn't working. 

Running the same find and replace in a text editor, and saving the macro does work though (as you noticed).


This only makes sense to me if the whitespace is not being respected/being treated differently. But the replace function recognises newlines and spaces, so I wouldn't expect this issue with a normal formula tool


Doubly unfortunately, I'm really struggling to think of a way to output the destination of the update xml via formula, so we can test. 

Sorry, I may have been a bit premature with my previous comment's 'solution'...

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@OllieClarke, can you share a workflow where you have the example working:

    File RecordLimit="" 

    and replacing with

    File RecordLimit="15"


I have tried that and it does not work for me. FYI I am only on version 21.4 so this may be a bug that was fixed on more recent versions.

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14 - Magnetar

Hey @bkclaw113 


I've attached the packaged workflow with macro and file. I tested it on version 2020.3 and it works there too, although I've only used a csv file, but I don't think that would be the issue here.

Hope that helps a bit at least



22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @OllieClarke 


This is my observation. I am using 2021.2


Case 1: I ran your workflow directly with the macro. I got the expected output. - It worked.

Case 2: I inserted and ran your macro in a new canvas and into @bkclaw113 canvas(2021.4). - It failed


Case 3: I inserted and ran @bkclaw113 macro in your canvas(2020.3) - It worked




It seems like the 2020.3 version of the canvas makes it work. I am looking into the canvas XML code to see what is the difference. Maybe adding the piece of code which is distinctive in the 2020.3 canvas might help solve the issue 


Definitely an intriguing use case.

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14 - Magnetar



I built the macro on 2022.3, and it worked there too. Interesting to see what changed between 2020.3, 2021.4 and 2022.3…