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Setting data type as "Date"




I have a workflow which takes individual trackers (Bob and John), which will be run daily and consolidated into a "Consolidated tracker". It calculates if the job is pending or overdue (based on the deadline date and today). I have also set it up so that if the job is removed within the individuals tracker it marks as complete.


When it marks as complete I want the "Date complete" column to update with todays date which is where i run into the problem.  The first time i run this however it defaults the type as a Double, if i use a select to try and set this to a date it doesn't seem to have the option. 


So my question is, how can i set the column type to Date so i can use DateTimeToday() function when the "Date Today" column is blank.


Hope this makes sense.


Attached the workflow and spreadsheets (The job 1 within Bobs Jobs has been removed from the individual tracker and should be marked as compete with todays date as the "date complete)



Alteryx Partner

Jess, can you upload your workflow and your input Excel file? That might help the community.


Hi GC.

Just updated my question and attached the example data.



Alteryx Partner

See attached update to your workflow. It looks like the null values on the incoming data on DateComplete aren't interpretable as data type Date, as you observe. So I changed the DateTimeToday() calc in the Formula tool to be in a new "temp" field, then used Select to grab that field and rename as DateComplete. Maybe this works for your situation, or you can modify it to do so.