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Request user to choose file path before workflow is run.

5 - Atom

I have a workflow that I created that I want to make more user friendly. The goal is to have the user open the workflow and before the workflow is actually initiated the user clicks run but then a prompt pops up and asks the user to select the file path for the input of the workflow. 

11 - Bolide

Hey @Arothman12 !


The name of this is Analytic App, that way you can create an user interface to the user don't need to change things directly in the workflow.


Use the Interface tab and connect the File browser tool to the upper connection of your input data, will be automatically created an Action tool between them. 




That way if you click on the wand side of the Run button, you will get a pop up window with that question. Also, if you click twice in the alteryx file, instead of open the workflow, will open that same pop up.




Hope that helps!