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Report update based on user input


I am trying to create a report using Alteryx that would run based on user input.Which is the tool to be used for reporting for getting user input and updating the input based on it.

For example: my input has ID-Text

User input ID-123

Report should generate the table with details of 123 only.


You can do this with an Analytic Application.


Start here for an introduction on how to develop them :

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey Dexter!


Just to give you a bit more here, I've made you a workflow that contains a couple examples.

One has a text box where the user can enter free form text. Make sure to spell things correctly!

One has a list box where the user can select the entries that appear in the data, this is great for databases.

Hope that helps you out!


Hi @dexter90,


Here is a working example:


1) derive Drop Down options from Text Input tool (there is a little trick here to Cross Tab values to field names and only this can feed into Drop Down tool from same workflow - there are other ways this info can be provided from, depending on your setup)


2) Update Cell from the selection and only output this in the output file (with the above trick, Cross Tab enforces '-' character as '_', so to match the original values this is reverse engineered using the Formula tool)







#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?


Here is a sample workflow I am attaching.I am having 2018 version and cant use higher version workflow.


I have to generate 2 tables in my report-1) summary. 2) details by each ID


The user needs to input which ID details report he needs.


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There you go


not able to import due to version limitations.I am using a 2018 version.

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@dexter90 I'd suggest updating and taking a lot at the workflows provided for you.
Everything you need is in them