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Replacing Null Values

I have two tables with date columns (String) like this:


Table 1 has dates for every day of every month and some other columns.

Table 2 has only the first day of every month and a value column.


When I join the two tables, this is what I get:


date1(ddmmyy)                     date2              value          

110119                                  NULL               NULL

120119                                  NULL               NULL 

130119                                  NULL               NULL

010219                                010219                  8



I want to fill data in "Value" column for the 1st of every month into all the NULL fields.


Example: If Value = 8 for Feb 1st in Table 2, then Feb 1st to Feb 28th the Value column has 8 in the joined table. Similarly, if Value = 10 for Jan 1st Table 2, then Jan 1 to Jan 31 Value is 10 in the joined table and so on...


I know how to replace NULL values in date2 column with the corresponding dates from date1, but I've not been able to figure out how to replace NULL values in the Value column like in the above example. 


Any suggestions?


Thank You,



You can use a multorow formula


multirow dates.png

That worked!


Thank you very much.


- Sharath.




I just have quick question, what would you recommend to do if I have not 1 column to do the replacement but 200. I have attached example below:



Thank you for your help


Kind Regards,