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Power BI Usage Metrics/API Input

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I'm looking into whether it's possible to use Alteryx and the Power BI API to import usage/audit data from Power BI into Alteryx so we can match it up to our HR data and also keep a log that persists for longer the 90 days. 


I know there is the Output tool, but has anyone had any success in getting Alteryx to talk to the Power BI API generally and pull in data to Alteryx?


I've not seen anything specific about this, and although I can see roughly how to register and authorise an app for Power BI (though we would need our Tech Services department to set this up), I'm not sure if this is the right path so any help is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @lcrosby!


Linking a similar post here for you to check out. Currently, the official Power BI connector tool is only configured to output from Alteryx to Power BI. If you'd like to see the input functionality added to the connector tool, I'd definitely recommend submitting an Idea so our dev team is aware of the potential enhancement.