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Populate Dropdown with SharePoint list field values


Hello, I need to build an app that allows the user to select an item from a drop down list. The item must be one of the possible values in a SharePoint list field.  How do I populate the drop down tool with the values from 1 field from a list in SharePoint?


Hi @katiecolling,


From what you are describing you are using the SharePoint List Input, but this will work with any list that needs to be dynamically populated.  Using the chained-app functionality allows for an Alteryx database to be dynamically populated from the first app, which is then used by the second app as the values for the drop down list.  Attached is a sample workflow.  By chaining the apps together (picture below), the second app is automatically kicked off after the first is complete.


chained app.JPG


If this is what you are looking for, please mark this as an accepted solution so the community knows your question has been answered!

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