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Password Protected File pushed to Database - Error returned

6 - Meteoroid



I have created a workflow to automatically pull in the the newest excel file from a shared drive and included the R tool to remove the password protection on it. However, when I use the Output Data tool to upload it to the database it throws the error:


"Error opening" "SELECT", '...column names...' FROM 'table name': No columns returned


The workflow is below - I have tried including a Dynamic Input tool between the R tool and Output data tool but this doesn't work as the Dynamic Input tool still sees the excel file as password protected



Any help would be appreciated

17 - Castor

Hey @IlliasB22,

It sounds like it could be an error in the database query. Does it work if you just connect a text input tool to the data output tool? Could also try the Password Protected Excel Input Tool - Alteryx Community 

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @IraWatt - thanks for the speedy reply


The suggested solution of text input tool -> data output tool doesn't work as the text input tool throws the below error:



I assume this is because it is password protected?


Also, I have tried installing the suggested password protection tool but it doesn't get any further than this:



Any guidance on the above mentioned?




17 - Castor

@IlliasB22 I have had a look round and cant seem to find your error. I would suggest trying to write to the database using the in DB Tools using the data Stream in then Database Write tool:


when you click install then it should appear here in the in/out section of the tool bar: