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Passed Core Exam!


Hi everyone!


After a few attempts at the first exam - i.e. the "Alteryx Core Certification" - I passed with a score of 90.7% last night!


My advice to others is to stay persistent and never let failure prevent you from retrying, finding out where (in which areas) you need to work to improve (if you do not pass the exam), and learn the "Nooks and Crannies" of Alteryx as you proceed in your certifications.


Before last night's attempt, my scores averaged around 69.2% and stagnated at that percentage until I continuously looked to see where I was having trouble. I also kept on revisiting the Documentation Page and making notes of the 'Nooks and Crannies' of the various tools.


Hope this helps and best of luck to all of you!




Congrats, and that is such terrific advice for anyone learning to use this incredible tool and hoping to show off their skills through the certification process!! Persistence and curiosity are key, but it certainly helps to have such a supportive group of users and Alteryx advocates cheering everyone on!


The two greatest things about this Community are the endless resources (provided by both Alteryx and the various Community members), and then the enthusiasm that users share across the world for continuing to grow their skillset and then share their wins and knowledge with others. Such a fun, exciting, collaborative environment... and so great to hear about successes from people like you! Keep it up, you'll be passing the Advanced exam in no time!! :)


Cheers, and congrats again!



Hi @NicoleJohnson,


Thanks so much for your compliments and for your congrats!! :) You have definitely given me some encouragement to try hard for the next exam!!!


Do you mind me asking what is covered (in terms of topics) on the 'Alteryx Advanced Exam,' and how you recommend I go about preparing/learning the subject material?


I am all about preparing hard and succeeding in a new journey! It seems that there are unlimited resources on this site, right?


Thanks, again, and I will keep in touch! :)


My very best,



@dchandra - you are absolutely correct about the unlimited resources on this Community, that's for sure!! 


If you've read through the Advanced exam description here, that's a pretty accurate depiction of the exam itself, but I'll give you a few more tips from my experience when I took it:


1. The four practical questions are worth a significant number of points, so it's probably more critical to make sure you get those right in order to give yourself some wiggle room on getting a few of the multiple choice ones wrong. So if you're concerned about having time to finish those, I've seen others recommend that you skip ahead to the end, tackle the four practical questions first, and then go back and answer the multiple choice ones with the time remaining.

2. To prep for this exam, particularly the practical questions, do the Weekly Challenges!! This is the BEST method for preparation by far, especially since the Weekly Challenges are essentially the same format as the practical questions in the Advanced exam, other than the part where they don't give you an answer to compare to :) You'll also get great exposure to some of the topics covered in Advanced that were not in Core, such as tools/concepts in Spatial, Interface, Developer, etc.

3. Check out a some of the Live Training options in the Academy, particularly the Tips & Tricks ones. I seem to remember a few good tidbits of information in these trainings that showed up in the exam.

4. The only category that really caught me off guard (and that is challenging to prepare for if you don't currently use it) were the Alteryx Gallery questions. So I'd maybe just check out a few of the help articles on the Community ahead of time, just to familiarize yourself, and then remember that during the test, you can always reference the Community... so if you get stuck, use that Search feature!


Hope these recommendations help you & others feel confident in preparing for this exam... the best thing you can do is to practice with the many many many opportunities available throughout the Academy section of the Community - you won't be confronted with anything on the test that isn't available to learn somewhere on the Community site or in the built-in help & example features of Alteryx itself!


Best of luck, and well done with the hard work and enthusiasm for getting certified!!





Hi Nicole!


Thank you very, very much for your detailed answers and insight in to the Advanced Exam! I love the resources that are available on the website -I need to use them all!


In the two hours given, I am sure that the vast majority of the time is spent on the workflows, which is why there's a much higher weightage on those questions, as compared to the 40 quiz questions, no?


What format are the 40 quiz questions (multiple choice, True/False)?


Thanks, again, for your help and your confidence in my passing this exam in time to come!



Alteryx Partner

Congratulations on your accomplishment!!!


Quiz questions are both multiple choice and true/false, very similar to those in the Core exam. And yes, I would say that you should certainly focus your time on the 4 workflow questions, but would aim to solve them in 10-15 minutes each so that you have enough time to get through the quiz questions :)




Hi @1BADLS1!!!


Thank you very much for your congratulations on my accomplishment!!! I certainly worked very hard, and did not let failure discourage me from my goals of trying again until I succeed! As I am sure you'd agree, persistence is key (which is what I stated in my first post, when I informed the Community on Monday about passing the Core Exam)!!!


How do you feel I will do on the next exam?


I very much welcome your advice.


Thanks, again!!!


My Best






Congrats and welcome to the club


It took me 2 tries as well.  Patience and Practice were the cornerstones of my success




Congrats @dchandra....


Really it is great to hear.


I am planning to write the exam. could give any suggestions how to prepare and any reference links



Thank you.