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Partial Results when input data

6 - Meteoroid

I want to input 8,000+ records into Alteryx; however, I only get back partial results of about 4,000. This is fine but i would like the data to output with all 8,000+ records. 

16 - Nebula

Hi @natalie_mejia ,


without seeing your data or your workflow this will be difficult, however, can you first use a browse tool and check your input data? This is due to the fact that the input tool only gives you a preview of the data and not the full data set.

Check this and let us know.



6 - Meteoroid

I get back results saying that I've reached my memory limit so Alteryx is only showing the 4000 results instead. Using the browse tool, I am able to view all 8000+ records; however, I want also have all records once they are exported.

Hello @natalie_mejia 


When there is not enough memory, AYX will start to write temp files to the disk that will get deleted afterwards. 


If you have a big dataset, don't expect to see all the records in the Results window. This one will give you only a preview of the data.

However, any operation you are doing will apply on the entire dataset. This includes outputting data.. as soon as you pick the Output tool, you will see that you are able to output everything.


The Browse is the tool you can use if you want to see the full dataset for WF development purposes - Since it will pull everything in memory, it's not recommended to keep it in production ready workflow so you can have better process time experience. Hope this helps. Cheers!

6 - Meteoroid

Hello! I still am only viewing partial data after outputting the data to an excel file. 

20 - Arcturus

Hi @natalie_mejia 


What type of input tool and output tool are you using and are you sure all 8000+ records are going into output tool. You can count records to get rows count. And you share snapshot of error messages.

6 - Meteoroid

The output tool also shows just partial results of about 4000 out of the 8000+ that were used in the input tool.

16 - Nebula

Can you post some of your workflow? maybe screenshots of error messages or how it's constructed? Do you have a count records tool after your input data and if so- what's the count?


also - what type of data are you bringing in via input data?