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Parsing HTML tables

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Many thanks to the weekly challenge on this idea. 


One of the weekly challenges was to parse html and exract table data which got me thinking to build a generic workflow (and eventually an application) to get table data from any page. 


Hope to publish further improvements since web-scraping is a passion of mine.  Next step would be to add multi-page feature


Looking for community feedback.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Mark,


Sound awsome with a generic table parser. For the multi page feature, you can have a look at


I have done a iterative macro, that lets you scrape multiple pages such as the community -


A couple of tips:

  • This could be build into a macro that lets the user input stuff such as page, number of columns ect.
  • It could be nice to have the table header also included in the output.


Thanks a lot for sharing.




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Hi Daniel,


Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I seen both those topics with some very good ideas I can use. One site I tested had tables built with <br /> tags.  Some of the options for an application: include headers, row/column delimiters, method for finding rows, single/multi page, table # (for pages with multiple tables), regex for parsing rows. The list is getting longer than I had imagined.


Likely this will end up being more of a tool that can tweeked to handle the wide variety of page layouts.  I've only been using alteryx for a few months but I do enjoy a challenge.  I plan to post my progress on this endeavor so stay tuned.

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Bless you for posting this. I am just starting to learn RegEx to parse  dozens of tables on websites and this is a super helpful start to learn from!