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Multiple Start/End Times within a Day


Hi Community- I am stuck!  I need to create new columns (First Start Time/Last End Time) that only have the highlighted fields in columns C&D populate into columns E&F.  The issue is that sometimes there are multiple times per person within a given day, but I only need the first start time and last end time per day. Is there a way? I’m leaning towards sorting. 


I attached the file of the example data.


Do you actually want to create the duplicate rows for situations where there is more than one start/end time? 


If not, you should try the summarize tool - group by name & date, and then select minimum start time and maximum end time, which should give you one line for each person/day combination with the earliest start time and latest end time. 


If you want your data to keep the original number of rows, you could then join the above data back to the original data by name & date, and then you'd have both the original start & end times as well as the earliest start and latest end time for each row of original data...


Hope that helps! 





Nicole, I just hit my easy Staples button for you.  Thank you!