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Multi-Row Formula with Dynamic Range, or Batch Macro


I'm looking to re-create an XL tool I have (which uses VBA For/Next loops) in Alteryx.


Given a set of A values, of size n, I need to calculate B and C, where:

















I've got a solution for calculating B (using a variety of indexing, appending, and multi-row formulae), but I'm wondering how best to proceed with a solution for C.


Is what I'm looking to achieve possible with (dynamic range) multi-row formulae? Should I be looking into batch macros instead?


Assistance would be appreciated.


@Giles  This looked like a great test case for macros so I built a flow that way (see below). As to the question re doing it with multi row formulae wtc, I'm sure that someone cleverer than me will come up with a way but the macro solution was fun :-)




That's terrific, @ivoller, thank you. I have numerous similar scenarios which will require solutions, and I will be developing them using your methodology as a template.


I look forward to being as helpful to other members of this community, as you have been to me.