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MFA requires browser update when connecting Designer to Private Gallery

6 - Meteoroid
Have a question I can't figure out... and finally something I haven't seen posted on community before.
I'm trying to connect Designer to our on-prem Server to save/open workflows. We are authenticating through SSO (Okta and DUO). When I get to the 2 factor authentication step, DUO is checking the browser version before it allows me to enter a code or push a request to my phone -- and it always says that the browser version is over 8 months out of date. I am currently using Alteryx v2021.3.3.63061.


I have tried a few things and they did not work:
  • Updated chrome (it is up to date)
  • Uninstall/Reinstall Chrome
  • Set IE as default
  • Set Edge as default
  • Uninstall/Reinstall Alteryx (I'm using Version: 2021.3.3.63061)
  • Turn off company VPN halfway through log-in (our IT said sometimes that messes with it)
The one thing that I tried that did yield different results was that I installed Alteryx v2021.1.6.53528 and tried again and it said the browser was even more out of date.
Wondering if someone else has encountered it and if there is a work-around/fix (maybe a way to force launch the external browser for authentication?).
All ideas welcome!
17 - Castor

You need an internal security exception for this. Alteryx is launching an internal browser to connect to Server. The internal Server is not in compliance with your company's Chromium security policy.


Hi Lance,

Thank you for reaching out. The issue is that Alteryx Designer is using an internally embedded Chrome browser for the DUO Security multi-factor authentication step. The embedded Chrome browser may not always be up to date, so it is likely to be of an older version than the version of Chrome installed on your computer. Additionally, it also appears that your organization has configured DUO Security to block access and not complete authentication if the browser version is deemed to be outdated. For more information on this configuration, click here. You can reach out to your IT team to find out what is the cut-off for accepted browser versions as determined by your organization's policy.

In Alteryx Designer 2021.3.3, the embedded Chrome browser is of version 91.0.4472.124. This has not changed as of the latest version as of now, 2021.3.5.

Unfortunately, currently there isn't an alternative to using the embedded Chrome browser for authenticating the connection to private Gallery in Designer. We are looking into improvements on this feature. 

For now, the workaround is to have your IT team adjust their internal policy to allow DUO Security to complete the authentication in an older version of the Chrome browser.

Please let me know if you have questions. Otherwise, please mark this post as the Resolution if it works for you.



Ken Low

Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.

6 - Meteoroid

The option our IT ended up going with this was providing an alternative 2FA method so that DUO policy didn't need to change.