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Is it possible to control what is displayed in an Analytic App's Results Window.


I've just created my first Analytic App with a User Interface. I don't the App will lead to anyone nominating me as an Alteryx Ace, but its a start.  


I was hoping to get some input from some more experienced app developers:


  1. After the app runs the result window is displayed.   The results window gives the user the opportunity to open the output file by clicking OK, or she can unchecked or clear the checked file and hit OK.  After hitting OK, the user then has to click Exit to complete the process. Is it possible for to configure the App so that the user does not have the option of viewing the output? Instead perhaps a simple window that says the App finished successfully and an OK button that when clicked closes the results window as well as the user interface.
  2. I'm running this from Desktop only and was wondering if there is a way to hide the actual workflow from the user and instead present a clean canvas with some instructions and perhaps a button to push to start the App. 


Thanks in advance for your help.   I've attached my workflow. I appreciate any suggestions on how to improve it.   I did leverage Patrick Digan's May 11, 2017 response to  His solution includes an undocumented method that I found useful.   




@mutuelinvestor In regard to your 1st request it is possible to hide results output from the user, or even select which specific outputs to display. This is done via the Interface Designer's properties section. To access it you can go to View > Interface Designer. This will open the Interface Designer window. From this window select the wrench icon on the left hand side of the screen to get to properties. Once you are on the properties screen you will find an option for 'On Success - Show Results to User'. Deselecting this option will prevent the results screen from displaying. You can also set some sub options here in order display specific messaging or select/deselect specific output files.




Regarding your 2nd request when running apps from the Desktop double clicking on the file will run it instead of opening it in Designer to be edited. This won't prevent them from editing it though. As for hiding the actual workflow you could achieve something similar using Tool Containers to collapse the workflow and/or move it to a remote part of the canvas so it isn't immediately visible. You could also provided directions to the user with Comment tools or an Explorer Box that references an HTML file. This still wouldn't prevent editing though as users could just scroll or zoom around the canvas to find the actual workflow. We also don't have any tools like a run button to execute the workflow directly from the canvas so the user would have to click on the wand to run the app just as you do.


If the concern is preventing users from editing or modifying the workflow a better solution might be to export the workflow and encrypt it. Encrypted workflows cannot be opened for editing and attempting to open them immediately results in them being run instead. You can find information on encrypting workflows in our online help documentation. For convenience I have included a links below to documentation on both workflow encryption and interface designer.