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How to retrieve the 'name' part of a name-value pair in a dropbox

7 - Meteor

Hello -


I have a very simple app that accepts a file containing a list of name/value pairs and uses it in a dropbox. It is very easy to pull down the 'value' portion of the name/value expression (in a Formula you can simply reference [#1] in a new field and get the data). But in my scenario I need the data in the 'Name' portion of the Name/Value pair. So, for example, if a name/value pair is 'Pick Account / '1246567' I want to be able to pull down 'Pick Account'. The PNG I attached shows the app and the formula you see is what I explained above - it just pulls in the 'Value' side of the Nam/Value pair. I need the date on the Name side. Can this be done?


Thanks, Art

12 - Quasar

Hi @artzee1556,


I don't know of a way to pull down the name from a name/value pair, but if you set up your list in a certain way, there is a way to make it work.  In the list used for the List Box tool, use Name:Name|Value.  Then in your Action tool use Update Value with Formula using the following Expressions:


To get the Value:  REGEX_Replace([#1], '.*?\|(.*)', '$1')

To get the Name:  REGEX_Replace([#1], '(.*?)\|.*','$1')


The user only sees the Names listed when running the app, but you can then utilize both the Name and the Value in the workflow.  I've attached a sample workflow with how the Action Tool is configured.




7 - Meteor

Thank you so much T_Willins. It worked like a charm! I get to keep my job...this week.