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How to dynamically save a file as the client and save it in the clients file?

Hi team,


I have a business requirement to create a workflow that dynamically renames files with the following structure "(today's month)-(today's year) [Client name]" then saves them into a folder specifically of the client's name. 


Unfortunately, the creation of such a workflow is beyond my abilities.


To reiterate this workflow would have to:

1) Dynamically update the file name by adding today's month and today's year at the beginning of it in the format MM-YY [file name/client]

2) Dynamically use the client name in the file name to save it in a folder with the same name


I attach an example file with an example workflow


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @Guccio-Gasparrini ,


You need a few steps to get that done.

1. To get your excel filename - that you can do by configuring your input data tool as image below


2. Create a formula with the path + filename + extension + sheet. Engine workflow directory is getting the folder where your workflow is saved.



3. Use the created column as a filename - that you can do by configuring the output data tool as image below.Be aware that the clients folder must exist in order to work.




I'm also attaching an example here.



Fernando Vizcaino




Thanks! This works!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Glad to help!

Happy solving! 🙂