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How to delete blank cells in a column and shift cells up




I am trying to take a file with multiple tabs and combine into one sheet. I was able to do this using the Crew Macro "Wildcard Input" to combine all tabs into two columns, however there are blank cells within the data.


In excel I can click F5, special, blanks, right click delete and have all cells shift up. Can I replicate the ability to remove blanks cells and shift cells up by rows?


Thank you

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
There's a relatively straight forward solution to this problem.

Record is your data stream, then create a stream from this, using a select tool to only keep the field you want to shift up. Then, filter out NULL values using the filter tool. Finally Record ID this stream.

Your next step is to go back to your main stream and deselect the field you want to shift up, also add a Record ID to this stream.

Finally, join your two separate streams on the Record ID field. Be sure to do an outer join to capture all records.


Thank you that worked.