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How to create a column in an input using another input

I have two sheets sheet1 and sheet2. Sheet1 contains scores for categories while sheet2 has binary data for those categories. e.g.


Sheet 1

X  - 20 points

Y-100 points

Z- 300 points


Sheet 2 :

X   Y   Z

1    0    1

0    1    0


I want to add a new column to sheet2 which canl calculate the scores e.g.

Sheet 2 :

X   Y   Z   Score 

1    0    1  320

0    1    0   100


fairly new to Alteryx at this time.


Thanks for understanding.


hi @karangupta - see attached workflow. To summarize, we need to transpose Excel2 so that we can assign its corresponding values from Excel1. We perform some calculations then cross-tab it back to the desired format.

This worked. Thank You!