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Fuzzy Matching/Match Score

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All


I am fairly new to Alteryx and still getting my way round with the various powerful tools there are. I have a question please and will appreciate any help/guidelines. I want to match 2 columns at a row level  to get a match score. So for example:


Row   Hotel Name                                                                    Info_HotelName                 HotelName           Info_Telephone

1        HRS GDS BENELUX                                                      Benelux Hotel                      49241400030        49-241400030

2        GREAT HOTELS MONTRA ODDER PARKHOTEL       Odder Park Hotel - Odder    (45) 86 54 47 44    86 54 47 44

3        GREAT HOTELS NORRE VISSING KRO                      Norre Vissing Kro                 (45) 8694 3716      8694 3716

4        SYNXIS EIGHT ACRES HOTEL                                    Eight Acres Hotel                  (44) 1343 543077  (44) 1343 543077


For Row 1 : I want to fuzzy match Hotel Name to Info_HotelName and Hotel Telphone to Info_Telephone


For Row 2,3,4. : same


I have seen a lot of videos... and one option may be to split the files into Hotel Name, Hotel Telphone in one file and Info_HotelName and Info_Telephone in another file and combining the 2 files. But this (I think) will match the whole file. I am trying to match at a record level only.


I hope i have explained the problem.


Kind Regards



11 - Bolide

Hi @nbarai


Fuzzy match requires the data to be matched to be in the same column. As you correctly researched, you will therefore have to combine the two files and this will result in everything matching to everything else.


I therefore added a condition after this match to exclude any fuzzy matches where the rowID is not the same (i.e. exclude cross-row matches).


I have not configured the fuzzy match so you will have to tweak these in order to get more accurate results as only two of the records are getting any sort of match at all for name, and one for phone number.

6 - Meteoroid



Thanks for the help/guidance. Appreciate it. 

I have tried this and the results are as I would expect.

You have clarified this very well and thanks for your prompt response.