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File Browse Save As interface app causes error when container disabled

8 - Asteroid

Hi yall, I'm having trouble figuring out why my analytic app is giving me errors. Here's the setup: I have two containers which users can toggle between using radio buttons, one to save results to a database and one to save results to a file. When the Save to File button is on, the nested Save As box appears so that users can select their output location.



But when I select the Update Database option and run, an error appears:



Those action tools are connected to tools in the container that's supposed to be disabled. I don't understand why this is happening. Here's a screen shot of the workflow for reference:






Could you please share the configuration of the Action tool connected to the Radio button and the Container. The default behaviour in this setup is that the container is disabled if the radio button is selected.




This may sound counter-intuitive however the Checkbox/Radio button controls the "Disabled" option within the configuration of the Container so the checkbox will be ticked (and container disabled) if Checkbox/Radio button is selected.




What you probably want to do is switch the radio buttons around - Disable the Save to file container if the Update Database radio button is selected and vice versa.

8 - Asteroid

That's what's strange - I do have the radio buttons on the correct containers:



(The save to file button is connected to the database container)

When I run the Interface Debug on Save to File, the Database container is disabled.

Could it be that, because these containers are at the end of my workflow, the program looks ahead to the save tools before disabling the container? Maybe should I try a Block Until Done tool right before the container? Or could this be an Alteryx bug?

8 - Asteroid

Update - Before running, I disabled the Save to File container and had no errors. I guess this might be the case because the Save to Database button is default, so the default is that the Save to File container is disabled.