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Error Saving Workflow to Gallery....root level data is invalid. line 1 position 1

12 - Quasar

This is an FYI to all Gallery users...


The error "root level data is invalid. line 1 position 1" is usually associated with trying to OPEN a flow after Alteryx crashed...because the xml was truncated during an interrupted save most often.  This was a first for me seeing it associated with a save.


The end result is that there is a glitch when you open/edit a prior version and then try to save.


Not sure if this is a new issue since 2019.2 or not but I had the occasion where I needed to edit a prior version of a workflow on the Gallery and save and publish that as new version.  I hit a number of issues:


  1. Error opening from the Gallery in Designer...
    1. I was on 2019.2.5 on Designer and apparently there is a glitch preventing you from opening from the Gallery in Designer in that upgrade to 2019.2.7
  2. Error opening from the Gallery in Designer...
    1. I made changes to a macro and saved and close tab and tried to save but failed...the system has another glitch where it deletes the staging folders when a tab related to an asset is closed so the source is gone when the save tries to execute.
      1. So I saved macro to a local file, closed all modules and reopened from the Gallery and deleted the macro and inserted the new then saved.
        1. Still failed....NOTE we discovered that had I been editing the most recent version on the Gallery it would have saved but since I had opened a prior version, even though it was the published version, it failed...another glitch...
        2. So then we discovered these steps to get the new version into the system with all the versioning and publish settings correct.
          1. With help from Jimmy at Teknion...the steps are:
            1. Open the version of the workbook you wish to revert back as the latest version.
            2. Save As (not Save) back to the Gallery and keep the name of the Workflow the same.
            3. Launch Gallery and in your private studio, you should see two of the same named workflow.
            4. Open the old copy (tip, if you change it to a list view, you can sort time publish date).
            5. Click the "Replace Workflow" link
            6. Search for and select the Workflow you want to replace (new version), which should have an "Uploaded" value of "Just Now" or something indicating that it was recently published.

Good Luck

12 - Quasar

The original post is its own solution but there is at least one alternate solution as well.


That is to open the most recent version and the prior one you want to work all in the most recent and then delete to get a blank canvas...then select all in the edited "good" version and copy paste to the blank one..then save.  because you are saving the module source in the gallery as the most recent the save works.

9 - Comet

Thanks for the posts on this, very helpful! 

8 - Asteroid

This answer is a little out of date. Zip files can be opened natively with the Input tool now:

12 - Quasar

@acowpy i think you posted on wrong thread.  This has nothing to do with zip files

8 - Asteroid

That is so strange.. seems like a message board bug as this thread (which I've never read before) has ID 686306 and the one where I posted this response (the response is there too) is 686305..


In any case there does not seem to be a delete option. 


Sorry for confusing your feed and I hope you solved your issue!