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Directory tool w/ Dynamic Input not picking up all files


I'm usng the Directory and Dynamic Input with a filter to open all the files containing a name in the file name.  

The files span 2014 to 2019. 

In 2018 there are two new columns in the files other than that the fields are the same. 


The workflow is NOT picking up the 2018 and 2019 files at all - even though I'm pointing the Dynamic input to the new file (2018) with the two new fields/headers.  


Does the Dynamic input not open files with different fields/headers?  

How can I pick up all the files - including the files with the two new fields.


Directory Dynamic Input.JPG

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @brendafos ,


You can adapt this workflow for your needs. It selects all the files within a directory ignoring the column names.




OK, I will give this a try - but a few questions.


First I am trying to learn - Does the Dynamic Input tool NOT pick up all the field headers the way I have it?  Because I thought it would pick up all the headers in the sample file.


On the files you sent me - 

Does the first step (which calls the Macro) have to be an App or can it be a Standard Workflow.  
    I wish I better understood the difference.  I will be putting this final workflow on Alteryx Server.  I will be scheduling this to run daily.


Would you, please, give a simple explanation of what the macro is doing?  




So I have this working - for a single filename type.  THANK YOU.


I did not do an App. 

This is great, a big help to me.  I appreciate your help.


But I am still interested in understanding why the Dynamic Input tool needed this extra work. 

I thought Dynamic Input would just bring in new columns as they come in.  




Here's how I am using this Macro - 


I took the Macro and made the file path changes needed.

Then I saved it (and changed the icon) to my local machine.

Then in the workflows I changed out the Dynamic Input for the Macro. 


When I schedule this workflow I will copy the Macro to the Server.




DynInput Diff Fields with MACRO.JPG 

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

It doesn't. You need to look for the same column names. What you are doing with the macro is just like input all the files and union them by position.


The workflow I have attached now works for files with multiple sheet names.


Kind regards


This doesn't seem to work when published in gallery, any thoughts on how to read multiple files using directory tool when reading in multiple files?