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Create tasks in windows scheduler through Alteryx


I am have migrated my workflows to analytcis apps recently and am using windows task scheduler to automate the cmd line running of the apps and values, in order to orchestrate each customers process through the app chain.


It would be really good to have alteryx automatcially create the all the neccessary task in windows scheduler for us though, as it can get fiddly and with lots of mnaually created scheduler tasks for lots of customers it could get a bit messy quite quickly.


Does anyone know how you would approach this. Presumably its another run comman tool driven process?


Many thanks in advance




In my experience, the easiest way to manage all of the scheduled workflows is through the Alteryx Scheduler within the Alteryx Desktop app.

Is there a reason you're using Windows scheduler?


I'm looking to schedule an analytic app with values via a command line string, and then have windows task scheduler automate the running of the command line instructions, and then have something to automatcially create the tasks to do that. If you catch the drift!

Yeah, I can kinda see what you're looking for.

Not sure I understand why it would be an analytic instead of a workflow.  Seems like it would be easier to build parameters into the workflow... but to each their own.


You could use a hybrid of the Alteryx scheduler and Windows scheduler.

Set up your "addtoqueue" commands in .bat files and have those managed by Windows scheduler.

Check this out for how to use the addtoqueue: