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Connect In-DB to 32-bit Database


I'm currently trying to use the Connect In-DB tool to import data from an absolutely behemoth database and wanted to use the Filter In-DB tool to cut down on the amount of data.


However while I am able to successfully connect the 32-bit Oracle database using the Input Data tool, I am receiving the "architecture mismatch" error with the Connect In-DB tool.


I'm guessing the issue is because the database itself is 32-bit. Does anyone know of any workarounds similar to what is available with the Input Data tool?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

You are correct that 64-bit drivers are required for the use of In-Database tools on Oracle..


In most cases, the operations of the In-Database tools are the same as constructing more complex queries within the standard Input tool. If you provide more information of what you'd like to achieve, we could help with the necessary syntax. For example, if you wanted to filter a table to only return records that meet a specified criteria, a WHERE clause can be added to the input query to achieve the same results.




Thank you for the clarification. I was initially attempting to do the same in the SQL Editor however when I was checking the viability of my WHERE clause by clicking Refresh, it kept returning blank results. My assumption is that there was some sort of peculiarity with the date/time (YYYY-MM-DD  HH:MM:SS) stamp of my data that just wasn't jiving with the syntax of my WHERE clause.