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Calculate the distance between addresses

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Hi all,


I'm new to Alteryx and this is my first post in the community, looking forward to engaging with such talented individuals!!


My issues are as follows:

  • I'd like to calculate the distance (in miles) between two addresses.   
  • I do not have the Geospatial license and also do not have latitude/longitude.   I'm limited to Address 1, City, State, Zip.   
  • I'm not certain that my company allows 3rd party API's. 

Do I have any alternatives?  Can I use the tools in the basic Designer to accomplish this task?  

Appreciate any input.





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Spatial distance functions will only work with lat/long/spatial objects. If it's a small amounts perhaps get the lats and longs manually (ie google) and then run the process? Otherwise - I do not believe this is readily doable hence why companies make money with spatial analytics/geocoding packages.

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I was actually afraid this would be the answer....thank you for your input!!

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Depending upon your R skills - you could try something like this discussed here:


or try Geopy  via the python tool.

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Hi @George_Fischetti,


This is an interesting question - in the UK it's quite easy to build your own geocoder as the UK Post Office publishes an "PAF" file every year giving address data with Lat/Longs included.


It made me wonder if there isn't a US equivalent


I came across the Dept. of Transport National Address Database.


It's apparantly not complete yet but it should give you something usable to start from if your state is covered.







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Thank you, my Python skills are not up to par.  Appreciate the suggestion!

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Thank you, will give this a look, interesting!!

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@George_Fischetti - one more potential option, depending on the level of precision required:

If your addresses are in the US, the US Census Bureau has a free geocoder (with a 10,000 address limit - not sure if this is daily?)

  • The caveats are in the link above, but the data source is mostly residential areas, and that lat/lon returned is interpolated
  • If you aren't able to use it dynamically as an API, you can upload a file and get bulk results through the web interface
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@kelly_gilbert, thank you - I will give this a shot!!