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Arranging output on final Excel file


I'm running a Workflow that is that identifies Stores and what group they are in.  Is there a way, after each group moves to Excel to add the Header Line again followed by a space and then the next group and repeat and repeat?  Thanks in advance for any ideas / help.



A110590554ABC Store100 Main St CA91604(818)506-1111
A153148461Some Random Store200 Someplace St NJ07114(862)276-2222
A174444725Store Name Something3163 S CHURCH ST TN37127(615)225-3333
B4120590554STUDIO PHARMACY5 South St CA91604(818)506-5555
B483148461709 ACE PHARMACY10 Another St NJ07114(862)276-2222
B464444725LIFEPOINT PHARMACY15 Maple St TN37127(615)225-1111


Yes, with the Table and Render tools, it's easy.

In the table tool, you would set a grouping level at the top, and you'd choose "Group" in your example below. This creates separate tables, complete with headings, for each group level.

Then you'd add a Render tool. In that tool, configure the report to add whitespace between groups. Here's a snapshot of the render toolimage.png