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Additional Row Headers

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


We have currently produced an output as per the example attached based on entity, so we have multiple outputs approx. 80. 


The current header information is shown below in black bold, we also have a requirement to add in an additional header as shown in blue colour such as employee data/payment information grouping up some of the existing headers, how can I do this in Alteryx, rather than amend all 80 output files individually?


Thanks in advance!



11 - Bolide

Good question, how to add a second set of headers, not an easy one for me to accomplish in Alteryx and I'm sure there are better ways to do this possible with a Macro in Alteryx, but here's my stab at it thanks to some help from @Joe_Mako on a question I had about adding a header and trailer record to a text file and @CharlieS solution for another users question about renaming columns and removing columns.


Assuming your output is Excel it's a little trickier, but if you can output it as a . csv it becomes slightly easier. Attached is a sample workflow outputting both the Excel Macro version and a csv and also the csv output generated for the Excel output I recorded for deleting the first row and formatting the cells for the first header but I can't upload xlsm here but you could record your own though it would require running through all those 80 outputs and running the macro to format it the way you wanted it so not sure that route works for you the csv would be the way to go if that's an option.