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Workflow stuck saving to gallery (VALIDATION ALREADY OFF)

11 - Bolide

I turned off validation, which I always do, and yet the screen is still just stuck on "Saving..." even 5, 10 minutes later.


This is an incredibly simple workflow. An input CSV file, a filter, and an output. The CSV file is very big - 650MB - but so what, it's not embedded in the workflow, it's just an input tool (though large files do make the input tool configuration slow). 

I can still save other workflows to the gallery.


The way it's behaving, it's like it's trying to load the input data just to save the workflow to the gallery, even though I turned off workflow validation for the save. That's the only explanation I can come up with. 

The problem is the real workflow I need is going to have like 8 of these files (currently in the disabled/collapsed container). I'm just trying to get it to work for 1 first, let alone 8. I can't wait for hours to save the workflow to the gallery each time I save (assuming it ever finishes saving at all).

Furthermore, if I cancel the save, then try to save to the gallery again, it completely freezes designer.


Anyone experience this before?





11 - Bolide

Hmmm I fiddled with it quite awhile, and I think I found the cause...

I did a drag and drop to put the CSV into the workflow, and it defaulted to using my mapped network drive in the path (S:\).

When I changed that in the workflow dependencies to use the full path instead of S:\ it saved instantly.

Is that expected behavior? Shouldn't it just save the workflow but fail when I run it (since the server doesn't have S: mapped)? I told it not to validate the workflow when saving, so it shouldn't be attempting to connect to the S: drive, right?

10 - Fireball

Thanks for this I had the same issue!


The input data tool became _externals\... after canceling the endless saving. Put the correct full network path again and I could save my workflow.