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Update Unique Tool Via Action Tool

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I am creating a gallery app that will allow users to filter a large data set down to data they need and then download that data.  Because I am allowing the users to select the fields they want in the dataset they download, there will most-likely be duplicate rows.  How can I update the Unique to Select All of the fields that are passed into it from an upstream Select tool?  

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If you post parts of your workflow I'm sure it's doable via listbox/action/unique (or filter). You can should be able to toggle the unique selections with the listbox input. It might take some workarounds but it's doable.


there's always the transpose and then put the unique tool in a batch macro where you feed in the data grouped by the original fields now in the [name] column. Then you can crosstab everything either in the batchmacro (making sure you have your interface designer ouptut set for the right options) or once you are back in your macro.

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22 - Nova

Hi @fimler 


Here is how you can do it.


1. I am using list box on select tool mode to select fields.

2. I am using the list box selection to pass it to unique tool. In action tool for unique tool i am configuring as below.


action type is Update Field List and update is Unique Fields


Output: Case 1

atcodedog05_2-1621072822882.png    atcodedog05_3-1621072839786.png

Output: Case 2

atcodedog05_4-1621072888031.png atcodedog05_5-1621072911160.png


Test around with this approach and let me know


Hope this helps 🙂


8 - Asteroid

This is exactly how I had it configured but I had forgotten to check the “Select All” checkbox (ughhh). Thank you for your reply. It at least confirmed that I had it configured correctly.