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Time Series Data - COVID-19

8 - Asteroid

Hello All:


I have three separate CSV files containing data about COVID-19 infections. 1. Confirmed cases 2. Deaths and 3. Recovered cases.  Each one contains country information, long and lat and a series of dates, each with a count for that day.   I have to be able to combine them with totals across the time series data.  This data is from JHU and it is clean, but it is not summed and combined.  I have been trying to create a flow, but it is not creating the correct results. I have included the data here.  


I tried creating a separate column for the totals, but that did not work.  I also have the advanced join tool macro, but I need to summarize the data before I can join the files.


I hope this makes sense.  The updates will be on-going so I will need to add new daily information as it becomes available.  


Thank you so much,



8 - Asteroid

Hi Neil this is great!  How would I add running daily totals for each infection type and for each countr?  I added a mock up for a visual.