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Thermal Imaging Data Values

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Very new to alteryx and am slowly learning it's power. I've been trying to get a workflow that will output to a csv a file containing temperature readings and the coordinates of where each reading was taken.


Basically, I have an existing csv that contains temperature readings pixel by pixel from a thermal image. ie. A thermal image is exported in csv format and each cell is as if it were a pixel of that image displaying the corresponding temp reading.


I was wondering if it was possible for alteryx to transform this data into a table with the fields Temp, X, Y


So, from this:

Thermal 01.JPG


To this:

Thermal 02.JPG


My thoughts are to insert a new row at the top with auto generated field names which would be 1 to 1920 (or however many pixels there are horizontally)

Then add a row count field which would give me the Y coordinates (and multiply by minus 1 to make them negative)

Lastly, cross table or transpose the data into the three columns


That's probably an over simplified solution but might help in generating ideas for a workflow?


Any ideas/suggestions on what direction to go in, or the correct tools that would help, would be amazing




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Hi @Will_88,


What you've suggested is almost exactly the best way. In order to get the column names, just de-select 'First Row contains field names' in the input tool. They will then be assigned F1....Fn. When you transpose all fields except your recordID (called Y) then you can just use a formula tool to remove the F from the [Name] field.


Let me know if you want an example, but I think you're just about there.



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Another approach -- I also think you're right on with just using a negative RecordID to get the Y values; but after that, you could Transpose and then use a MultiRow Formula grouped on Y to get the X values:


(or see attached)

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thought i'd throw-in on this even though the other suggestions would work just fine.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. Each answer pretty much worked and  I managed to get it to do exactly what I wanted with all your help.