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Stuck trying to write a dataframe to a workflow from the R tool

7 - Meteor

Hi, I am currently stuck trying to write output from my R script with the R tool. Here's the R code: 


# Needed Packages

# Read data
df1  <- read.Alteryx("#1",mode="data.frame")

# Subset The Relevant fields
df <- df1 %>% select("ds", "datasource_id", "y")

# A 5 Year Forecasting Model
df2 <- df %>% 
  group_by(datasource_id) %>% 
  do(predict(prophet(., interval.width = 0.95), 
             make_future_dataframe(prophet(., interval.width = 0.95),
                                   periods = 12*5, freq = "month"))) %>% 
  select(ds, datasource_id, yhat)

final_df <-, row.names = NULL)

# Write final forecasting Output Back To The Workflow
write.Alteryx(final_df, 1)

I get this error when the code tries to write back to the flow: 

Error: R (178): There was an error in WriteYXDBStreaming 

The code itself seems to be running just fine. It's just getting R and Alteryx to see eye to eye when it comes to writing the final output which seems to be an issue. 


Here's the head of the final_df dataset which I'm trying to write in alteryx.


            ds datasource_id     yhat
1   2016-01-01           153 7.800964
2   2016-02-01           153 8.175739
3   2016-03-01           153 8.369714
4   2016-04-01           153 8.735363
5   2016-05-01           153 8.689885


Any way around this? 

7 - Meteor

It seems the error is from the 'ds' field which is a datetime object in tibble. For some reason Alteryx hates this format so I had to convert it into a date object with this snippet: 


final_df <- df2 %>% 
  select(ds, datasource_id, yhat) %>%
  mutate(ds_1 = as.Date(ds)) %>% 
  select(-(ds)) %>% 
  rename(ds = ds_1)

# Convert tibble to dataframe
final_df <-


Alteryx finally is able to write this dataframe back to the workflow

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Recently, we have developed a Prophet Tool in R for more drag & drop features. Hope the R code can be a good reference to you