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Split text

7 - Meteor

Some of my description contains date information (see image) and I wish to separate the date into a new column. However, if I were to use the Text-to-column tool, I would not be able to keep those descriptions that does not contain date information in their original form. 


Further, I have some rows that I wish to remove.


Any solution?

13 - Pulsar



You can parse this using Regex with something like the following, which will only parse the date into a new column if the pattern (numbers/numbers) is found.



7 - Meteor

After separating the date into one column, I want to bring the remaining description into a new column. How do I proceed? Thank you.



To add to @JamesCharnley's response, you can build on to the Regex Parse to include the description in a 2nd column. I also added a filter for Field1 - does not contain "PERIOD". However, if you have the word "PERIOD" in the other text you will need a different filter.


Does that work for you?


Split Text Screenshot.PNG

7 - Meteor

Nice, then how do I bring the "CASH - UB - COLLATERAL" to the Description column too? But I don't want the "PERIOD..." row. 


Context: I am currently in the process of cleaning a General Ledger Excel file using Alteryx. Would you be interested in reviewing the Excel file? I am more than happy to provide it for your inspection. 


Thank you!