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Sharepoint Permissions

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone, 


I'm trying to connect to Sharepoint - I receive the following:




I subsequently reached out to the SP and they wanted some technical information such as permissions, how the integration works, etc. 

Does anyone know where the technical documentation sits/resides? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I forgot to add, it would be helpful to also understand if there's any differences with Server


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Interesting find @leofrancia !


Can you expand a little more on this? Really keen to pursue it. 

Calvin Tang
Alteryx ACE

Hi @caltang,


You can do the following:

1. Go to the relevant SharePoint location and click "Sync."



2. Go to OneDrive in your Taskbar > Gear button Settings.



3. Under Account > the file repository you added as well as all others you already have will be shown. 



4. Under Sync and Backup > go to Files On-Demand and enable it, if your admin has not enabled it by default.



5. You can access your SharePoint directories as if they are local directories. Use the path you can see in Explorer to access the files using Input Data or Dynamic Input as appropriate in Alteryx. This allows you to access PDFs, images, and other non-structured files with the appropriate Alteryx tools following the appropriate input tool.



*** next step can sound a bit confusing for those not familiar with scripting, you can ignore this ***

6.  For more advanced use cases, you can use scripting or environment variables to have dynamic paths. For example, a workflow accessible to multiple users will have to consider the changing <> in paths like C:\Users\<>\<SharePoint_path>\<repository>. I have only tested this approach using Python and Run Command which tend to be a bit more code-friendly. In most use cases, you do not have to arrive at this level of complexity; and I just not have explored using environment variables for dynamic paths.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I will try this on Monday! Thank you @leofrancia !

Calvin Tang
Alteryx ACE